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I am incredibly sleepy and in desperate need of a nap. Finally settled in my new apartment. My roommates are very nice. First week of classes were going good until today. I thought my outfit was banging, Skinny jeans pretty earrings yellow tank top my leather jacket black chucks lipgloss and straight hair. I walked into my class feeling pretty confident until I sat down and realized I had my zipper down with my hott pink undies peeking out. Omg I was so embarassed, I couldn't even look up. The whole time I thought people were staring cause of my outfit but rlly it was because my stupid zipper was down. Wow. First week of classes and I already have stupid crap like this happening to me. Fml. Lmao I guess I shld be used to it. Stupid crap like this always happens to me. Like if I'm cursed or something lol

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Posted on 02:43AM on Mar 15th, 2012
no bigie,happins to boys and men lots,in 15 min. most people don't even rember,,
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